Ryan Yarbrough gets the call for Rays against Braves

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The Tampa Bay Rays send left-hander Ryan Yarbrough to the mound for the finale against the Atlanta Braves on Wednesday night.

[THEME SOUND] - So we saw our left-hander go today. How about tomorrow? Let's take a look at our total right ahead for the second game of this two game series. We'll be here for the pre-game show starting at 6:30. And wouldn't you know it, another southpaw on the hill. Ryan Yarbrough gets the call.

BROADCASTER: Well left-handers abound, I guess. With Newcomb and obviously our guy Blake. Now Yarbrough, Paxton. Lefty, lefty, lefties.

Listen, I'm excited to see him tomorrow. And those of you that know the Atlanta Braves a little bit in the last few years, Julio Tetheran is a beast of a pitcher. He's a big guy that throws really, really hard.

You see how the opposing hitters only at 2-11 this year. Sub-4 ERA and hard slider, hard fastball. Everything moves. He's an exciting pitcher to watch.

I think it's really kind of neat to have these type of-- to have Atlanta here period. Because the team, you don't get to see much. And they have all these exciting-- Albies and obviously Acuna.

But you get to see a veteran like Tetheran. And Ryan, I think he's going to surprise them a little bit tomorrow. Yarbrough's going to have himself a good game.

- Talked to Kevin Cash earlier today when he made the official announcement that Yarbrough was going to be the starter in tomorrow's game. And he said, the top of that order has a bunch of lefties in it, as we saw tonight, and even a switch hitter or two. He thinks Ryan Yarbrough will be able to navigate through the top third of that line up with his left hand arm.