Watch Victor Oladipo capture journey with Google Glass

Victor Oladipo, the newest member of the Orlando Magic, wanted to savor his experience leading up to and during Thursday night’s NBA Draft. And a new pair of eyewear allowed him to capture his journey — well, most of it.

Prior to the draft, Oladipo, the Indiana guard who was selected with the second overall pick by the Magic, got fitted with a pair of Google Glass, the “eyeglasses” that allow the wearer to record video and take pictures (among myriad other features), all hands-free.

He got plenty of attention from his fellow prospective draftees on the bus to the Barclay’s Center and in the green room, and had some on social media buzzing about his fashion for more than his dapper suit.

But alas, he wasn’t able to show the world what is was like to walk across the draft stage and shake hands with the commissioner, as an NBA official approached Oladipo before the selections began and asked him to remove the glasses.

Oladipo was still able to document plenty of his draft journey, however. Check out the video below: