VIDEO: Watch as artist brings LeBron James portrait to life

Heather Rooney said it took her about 14 hours to create this portrait of LeBron James using colored pencils.

Heather Rooney/Courtesy Heather Rooney (@Heather12ooney on Twitter)

Stumbled upon this little gem via the Twitter-sphere.

The video is a timelapse of Heather Rooney, a 20-year-old art student in Boston, Mass., creating a portrait of Miami Heat star LeBron James using colored pencils, her tool of choice.

The final image is so realistic, you’d think it was a photograph (quite frankly, there are photos I take with a camera that don’t come out looking as good as her drawing of James).

Rooney said it took her about 14 hours to complete the drawing of James.

You can see more of Rooney’s artwork on her YouTube channel, where the talented artist shares more videos of her crafting celebrity portraits.