Tommy Hutton Q&A: Marlins at halfway point of season

Henderson Alvarez is 3-1 for the Marlins since May 10, while the other starters are 9-17.

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MIAMI — June started out promising enough for the Miami Marlins when they won four of the first five games.

Since then, the Marlins have not captured a series and have dropped five games of at least 13 innings.

Miami (39-42) is three games below .500 for the first time since April 27. The Marlins sit four games back of the Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals in the National League East.

FOX Sports Florida’s Christina De Nicola spoke with Marlins analyst Tom Hutton, whom you can follow on Twitter (@THUT14), about the Marlins through the halfway point of the season. She’ll catch up with Hutton and other members of the broadcast team throughout the 2014 season for insight on the club.

FOX SPORTS FLORIDA: The Marlins are going through a rough stretch. Do you see it as things leveling out, maybe some luck going against them?

TOMMY HUTTON: I think it’s the little things leveling out. I think it’s been a lot. I’d hate to put it all on starting pitching because the offense has been a problem too. I think things leveling out a little bit. Hopefully they can get back to .500 and at least hang in there depending on what Washington and Atlanta does.

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FSF: Going off the starting pitching, Jose (Fernandez) goes down and they lose an ace. You’ve seen Henderson Alvarez step up but you’ve got to expect the other guys to do so as well, no?

HUTTON: We had a note (Friday) since May 10 Henderson Alvarez is 3-1 with a 2 something ERA and the rest of the starters are like 9-17. Guys are getting opportunities and other than Alvarez no one’s really stepped up. (Nathan) Eovaldi’s been OK, (Tom) Koehler’s been OK.

FSF: With the two young guys in the rotation how long can the Marlins stick with that before they have to make a move if they’re still in the hunt?

HUTTON: If they don’t pitch well and if the Marlins are still in the hunt let’s see what they do at the trading deadline. If they pitch well, they’re OK.

FSF: In regards to the offense, they’ve relied so much on (Casey) McGehee and (Giancarlo) Stanton it seems other guys — much like the rotation — need to step up too.

HUTTON: I think they really missed (Christian) Yelich. He’s be back (Sunday). A little inconsistency with (Garrett) Jones and (Marcell) Ozuna. They’re both capable and they both do a good job, but a little inconsistent.

FSF: Obviously before the season the organization had faith like the Red Sox going from last to first. People didn’t necessarily believe that, but we’re seeing them three games below .500.

HUTTON: For the first time since April 27…

FSF: They’re within striking distance. Compared to last year, you’d think people would be content, right?

HUTTON: Fans are never content. Accept that right away.

FSF: But in terms of being one of the surprises in baseball…

HUTTON: The amazing thing is they are nationally but not locally. That’s unfortunate. You talk to national people who follow the Marlins and they’re a surprise, they’re a bonus, they’re a plus. Locally, people don’t see it that way because they’re not leading the division by 10 games. Bottom line. My rant.

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