Stan Van Gundy not planning to coach in NBA in 2013-14

Stan Van Gundy is taking himself off the market.

During an interview on Orlando radio station Sports Talk 1080, the former Miami Heat and Orlando Magic coach told The David Baumann Show he does not plan to coach in the NBA next season, citing family reasons.

“As you get down the road more and the longer you are out, the harder it is to get back in,” Van Gunday said. “And that was certainly a difficult part of the decision process for me because it’s certainly something that I miss and don’t want to close the door on for the rest of my life, but, it is not right now anyway, in the best interest of my family, so it won’t be next year.”

Van Gundy said several teams have contacted him about their opening, but he has declined their interview requests.

“I sort of laugh a little bit on jobs I supposedly interviewed for,” Van Gundy told Baumann. “I don’t know who those sources are. I certainly have had inquiries from people, but no job offers and I have not interviewed anywhere.”

Van Gundy coached for 2 1/2 seasons in Miami, resigning 21 games into the 2005-06 season to spend more time with his family. The Heat went on to win their first championship that season with Pat Riley taking the reins.

He returned to coaching in 2007 with the Orlando Magic. With Dwight Howard manning the middle, Van Gundy coached the Magic to four consecutive 50-win seasons. They reached the NBA Finals in 2008-09, where the lost to the Lakers in five games.

After a rocky 2011-12 season that included the distraction of whether Howard wanted to remain in Orlando, the team cleaned house and fired Van Gundy as coach. Since his dismissal he has been a regular on NBC Sports radio. He says coaching is still in his blood though.

“I miss the coaching,” Van Gundy told Baumann. “It pulls at me. I think it’s going to be there always and we’ll have to wait to see what the future holds. And that’s why I’m quick to not characterize anything as permanent. As we sit here on May the 21st, I’m not planning on coaching next year.”