Reports: MLB investigating PEDs in Florida

According to multiple reports, the Drug Enforcement Administration and Major League Baseball are investigating south Florida clinics for possible links to performance-enhancing drugs and its players.

Both The New York Daily News and ESPN named Anthony Bosch as a central figure in the investigation. 

Bosch reportedly has worked with closely with many Latin ballplayers in south Florida, most notably Alex Rodriguez. A source familiar with the Miami-area anti-aging centers told The Daily News that Bosch has advised Rodriguez on nutrition, dietary supplements and training — and that the two consulted with at least one other expert about blood-test results.

According to the ESPN report, MLB security officials have been investigating the clinics — believed to be linked to the sale of human growth hormone (HGH) and testosterone to players — since last summer.

Bosch’s father, physician Pedro Publio Bosch, is also named in the reports MLB officials have turned over to federal investigators. 

The Bosches had previously come under scrutiny from MLB and the DEA in 2009 for their links to Manny Ramirez, who had been suspended 50 games that season for using a banned substance.

But the investigation isn’t centered on the Bosches alone.

From The Daily News: 

According to sources familiar with the Miami investigation, MLB is concerned about a widespread ring of suppliers of synthetic testosterone, human growth hormone and other drugs to players who have sought to circumvent MLB’s collective drug-testing program through difficult-to-detect performance-enhancing drugs that players administer through patches or creams or gels on their palms or elbows or under their arms.

MLB officials declined comment on the reports.