Redick says he’d win an NBA Jeopardy! contest

The great NBA Jeopardy! challenge has seen another player proclaim victory.
Or, make that another Dukie.
It all started when Miami forward Shane Battier said last November he could defeat any player in the NBA in Jeopardy! Then Milwaukee forward Mike Dunleavy, once Battier’s teammate at Duke, said, “I don’t think he could beat me.”
Now, a guy who played for the Blue Devils after Battier and Dunleavy left, says he could beat both in the game show.
“I like me,” Orlando guard J.J. Redick said when asked who would win an NBA Jeopardy! showdown between Battier and Dunleavy. “The only way I would lose to them is if one of the categories was ‘80s pop culture. I was sheltered as a child. I didn’t get much of that.”
So in which categories does Redick believe he could outwit both Battier and Dunleavy?
“In history and in random facts, I would be good,” said Redick, who played for Duke from 2002-06 while Battier was there from 1997-2001 and Dunleavy from 1999-02. “I’m not an expert in a lot of things, but I know a little about everything.”
When it was suggested these Duke alums should battle in a Jeopardy! tournament during All-Star Weekend, Redick was all for it.
As for the Battier boast that started it all, Redick said, “He overestimates his intelligence.”
Redick then said he was joking. But he’s not joking when it comes to beating both Battier and Dunleavy.

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