Quinton Dunbar diary: Locked in and ready

Quinton Dunbar is now up around 205 pounds.

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Florida receiver Quinton Dunbar is training in South Florida for an opportunity to play in the NFL. A Miami native, Dunbar finished his UF career with 111 receptions for 1,500 yards and eight touchdowns in 49 games. He took time this week to talk to FOXSportsFlorida.com about his preparation for a shot in the NFL. While he was not invited to the NFL Combine last week in Indianapolis, Dunbar is participating in regional combines. — Scott Carter

I have continued to train the last two weeks with two-a-days to get ready for my next big event, the Super Regional Combine in Arizona next month. In the morning you are working on your 40 — the start and the back end. And then in the afternoon you basically prepare yourself for the 225 (bench-press session). You do a lot of weight lifting, more bench presses than I have probably ever done.

I’m pretty locked in right now on trying to show scouts my ability and my speed. At the regional combine at the Dolphins’ training facility in Miami earlier this month, that was my focus. I ran a 4.4 in the 40 at the regional combine, so that was a good start.

I will continue to train here in South Florida until the super combine. I will fly out there a couple of days before and try to put up a good performance. I wasn’t really familiar with the regional combines until my agent told me about them. He said there was a new method this year, that they were allowing people interested in a job this year to come show their talent and then they would take a few people to go to the Super Combine and it would be just like Indy.

Getting the super combine invitation was most definitely a big step for me because at that combine all 32 teams are going to be there. It gives me another opportunity to showcase what I can do. You meet with teams at the regional combine too but not as many are there as there will be at the super combine.

Dunbar's diary

I know that I’m continuing to get better and I’m still at a good weight, up to around 205. My body is progressing. That’s a good thing. The 205 is the biggest I’ve ever been in my life.

This process is a marathon. You can’t rush anything. You can never get complacent. You’ve got to keep working and put it into that big overdrive. That’s what I have learned the most about this process.

I feel like every chance I get an opportunity to showcase my ability in front of scouts is a chance to make it. I mean, that’s whether it’s at Pro Day, super regional, regional combine, I don’t take any one of them lightly. I come in with the same mindset.