Might this be the future Miami Dolphins logo?

Miami Dolphins management has made it very clear that a logo change — along with new uniforms — is in store this offseason.
Dolphins CEO Mike Dee said the new logo would be a mix of modern and retro. What that means exactly has led to much speculation.
There have already been a couple of rumored iterations making their way around the Internet, but, on Wednesday, a new image picked up steam as “the one.”
The source is a blogger from a Dolphins fan site — dolfansnyc.com — who claims to have a friend who works for Nike — the official uniform supplier of the NFL — who said the logo is “very very close” to the final design.
Dee responded to the logo hubub via Twitter:

The Dolphins logo has remained much the same since the team’s inception in 1966. In 1974, the Dolphin was repositioned in front of the sunburst, while in 1997 it underwent a revision, though it kept the general design of the jumping Dolphin wearing a helmet.
The Dolphins will miss the playoffs for the fourth straight season and 10th time in 11 years.