Miami Heat podcast: Surya Fernandez tackles your burning questions

The newest edition of the Miami Heat podcast features host Surya Fernandez answering your burning questions, including whether or not Josh McRoberts is ready to play this season as well as how the team will fare in the postseason should they make it.

If you have any questions or comments about the podcast, feel free to reach the host onTwitter @SuryaHeatNBA or email him at

:30 — @cslugking — Do you think an early exit out of the playoffs might actually be the best thing that can happen to this team?

3:15 — @cslugking — When (Dwayne) Wade is down on one knee, literally, who do you think will fill his void offensively?

6:00 — @adrianw743 — The decision to not bring in another big man, was it influenced in small part by the possibility of (Josh) McRoberts playing this yr?

9:00 — @MoralesNorman — (What is the) impact of Bosh on the bench, and has he developed a good friendship with (Goran) Dragic?

12:15 — @mind1spoken — With the injuries & trades made, what’s the general consensus of the Heat in the standings & Erik Spoelstra’s performance so far?

15:00 — @onyorump — Next season (pending all health issues are settled), will the Heat be as solid as the San Antonio Spurs roster with their size?

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