Miami Heat podcast: Rookie Shabazz Napier on transitioning to the NBA

Rookie point guard Shabazz Napier joins the Miami Heat podcast to discuss his transition to the NBA and how he’s been adjusting to his ever-changing role on the team. We find out how players such as Chris Bosh have helped him improve his game and what he learned during his time with the Heat’s D-League affiliated team, the Sioux Falls Skyforce, among other topics.

All this and much more in our newest episode.

:15 — What parts of your game has Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade been able to help you with during the season?

:35 — How important is getting that kind of feedback from NBA veterans?

1:00 — What were you able to take away from your time with the Skyforce?

1:15 — What is it like mentally to have your playing time be so infrequent this season?

1:40 — How has it been dealing with so many changes to your life as a rookie?

2:20 — Not only are you adjusting to the NBA game, but how has all the injuries affected you and your teammates?

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3:00 — What’s your attitude on refining and improving your game?

3:20 — Which point guards have you looked forward to playing against?

3:45 — With all the controversy over "DeflateGate" and the New England Patriots, how important is the actual basketball to a point guard?

4:15 — Have you been able to re-connect with your Puerto Rican roots in the South Florida community?

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