Heat podcast: Jason Jackson on being a Heat Lifer, playoff hopes

The latest edition of the FOX Sports Florida Miami Heat podcast, Sun Sports Heat host Jason Jackson joining host Surya Fernandez to discuss his career as well as the latest news and notes on the team.

Jackson recounts how he landed the "greatest job in the world" with the Miami Heat and how much he enjoys being able to inform and entertain fans with each and every Sun Sports broadcast. We also delve into what it means to be a Heat Lifer, the preparation and research that is done for each game, the final playoff push for the Heat, and much more!

If you have any questions or comments about the podcast, feel free to reach the host at @SuryaHeatNBA on Twitter and via email at SuryaFoxSports@gmail.com.

0:45 — What’s your perception of the Heat fanbase’s response to all the adversity during this season?

2:30 — How bright is the future for this Heat franchise?

4:00 — How will making the playoffs benefit this team now and in the future?

6:00 — Even in this season filled with so many ups and downs, how do you manage to bring so much positive energy to each broadcast?

10:15 — Who is your favorite Heat player to interview?

11:00 — What kind of preparation does the Sun Sports crew and yourself undertake for each game?

14:15 — How has your job duties expanded to include Heat community events and beyond?

16:15 — How do you see the rest of the Heat season unfolding?

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