Heat podcast: Ira Winderman talks draft possibilities, roster needs

Sun Sentinel writer Ira Winderman joins host Surya Fernandez in the latest FOX Sports Florida Miami Heat podcast to help break down the NBA draft and the No. 10 selection the team has.

Among the several topics discussed, Winderman gives his view on which players the Heat should consider taking, the roster needs that must be addressed in the summer and what the future might hold for Goran Dragic, Luol Deng and Dwyane Wade.

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:30 — What are the Heat’s biggest needs in the draft and can they address it with the No. 10 selection?

1:30 — Which draft prospect is the best fit for the team?

3:30 — Is there any chance one of the highly touted players falls in the draft and could be available for the Heat?

5:00 — Pat Riley isn’t really known for taking chances on foreign players, but could that change this year?

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6:00 — Would the Heat consider trading the pick since they appear to be in win-now mode?

7:15 — With the Heat retaining this year’s draft selection, how many picks do they have in the future with two more first round picks sacrificed to acquire Goran Dragic?

8:45 — How will Dwyane Wade’s contract situation play out this offseason?

10:45 — Does it benefit the Heat for Luol Deng to sign a new multi-year contract?

12:00 — Do you see a scenario where the Heat would be unable to re-sign Hassan Whiteside next year?

13:30 — How does the new TV deal for the NBA affect the Heat’s future salary cap situation?

15:00 — Will there be any cap space available this summer to sign additional free agents if Deng, Wade and Dragic return?

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