Miami Heat podcast: Winderman on injuries, McRoberts’ plan, playoff chances

In the latest episode of’s Miami Heat podcast, Sun-Sentinel reporter Ira Winderman joins host Surya Fernandezwe to look ahead to the remainder of the regular season for the Heat, how the season-ending injury to Shabazz Napier could affect the bench and whether or not Josh McRoberts should attempt a comeback this late in the season.

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0:30 — The Cleveland Cavaliers have won 16 straight at home, what can the Heat do to break that streak? Do they have any chance?

2:30 — With the news now that Shabazz Napier is out for the season, are the Heat simply cursed? Have you ever experienced anything like this in your years covering the Heat?

4:00 — Is losing Napier a blow in the sense that they have less depth on the bench or does this simply mean more minutes for guards Mario Chalmers and Tyler Johnson?

5:15 — Do you think Johnson has earned more minutes or is he a bit too reckless to play major minutes in the postseason should they make it that far?

6:30 — We’ve seen Dwyane Wade go for 40 points one night but there are other times where it looks like he could use some rest. Can the Heat afford to rest him on some nights or at least limit his minutes?

7:45 — Do you think the Heat have a shot at chasing the no. 6 spot and catching up with the Milwaukee Bucks or does it look like they can only realistically shoot for the last two spots?

8:45 — How do you think Hassan Whiteside looked in his return to action and do you think his injury will limit him for the rest of the regular season?

10:00 — It seems like Michael Beasley’s production has taken a dip as of late. It’s great that he’s re-dedicated himself to the defensive end but doesn’t he need to play to his strengths and look for his shot more?

11:30 — What’s your take on Josh McRoberts? Should he play if he’s recovered enough from his injury or should they not risk it and instead have him focus on the upcoming season?

13:45 — Were you surprised with Udonis Haslem’s recent production while Whiteside and Chris Andersen were sidelined and do you think he can sustain something close to that for the remainder of the season?

14:45 — Looking at the rest of the Heat’s schedule, what’s your outlook for the remaining games?

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