Dwyane Wade frustrated as hamstring problems continue

MIAMI, Fla. — Miami Heat star guard Dwyane Wade knew something was hurting him early in the third quarter against the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday.

Speaking to reporters after practice Thursday, Wade described how at first he felt some pain in his right hamstring chasing Bucks guard Brandon Knight down the court on a fast-break opportunity, though it wasn’t enough to stop him from staying on the court. A few plays later, Wade was chasing guard Khris Middleton off a screen when he said his hamstring "just went."

No timetable has been established for his return, so Wade won’t be playing against the Dallas Mavericks on Friday or apparently any team for a while.

"You can’t put a time on it and you can’t look at the hamstring and say ‘You’re going to be out this (many) games,’" Wade said. "Like many muscle strains, you’ve just got to go day by day. Obviously when you look at a hamstring that is a good strain, in a sense — I don’t know if good is the word — you’re out they say two to three (weeks). Everybody is different so just go day by day, do the rehab and treatment, and see how you feel."

Wade could only smile when asked about how the team is dealing with all of this bad luck.

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"Obviously, teams have dealt with this and with different players in and out (of the lineup)," he said. "But here in Miami, I haven’t seen nothing this bizarre. Anytime that we get to the point where we’re feeling at least a bit comfortable about our team and where we’re at and what we can do, something happens. It’s just one of these seasons that right now you want to forget with everything that has happened from an injury standpoint."

With all of the setbacks his roster has faced, head coach Erik Spoelstra has learned to accept the fact that his team won’t ever be whole again. Time and time again this season, he has answered questions about their multitude of injuries by insisting that this is the way of life in the NBA but that mantra has since been discarded. In its place is surrendering to the actuality of what the Heat must face during the second half of the season.

"We talked about it before practice," he said, "You have to embrace this. We have to have fun with this right now. We have enough. Does that mean it’s not frustrating? Does that mean it’s going to be easy? No, but we have enough to circle the wagons and give ourselves a chance to win every single night. We have to play good basketball, we have to play hard."

In total, Heat players have missed 85 games because of injuries and illnesses so far. This includes the season-ending surgery for forward Josh McRoberts in mid-December to repair his right meniscus as well as several missed games each for key players such as Chris Bosh, Chris Andersen and Wade.

"We’re not feeling sorry for ourselves," Spoelstra said. "We know that nobody will feel sorry for (us). This is the way the season has been going. It hasn’t affected our guys’ mood or their determination to still compete and we have an opportunity before All-Star break to still get some wins."


As for who will step in to replace Wade’s minutes, Spoelstra indicated it’s all hands on deck for the time being. The team also signed Tyler Johnson to a second 10-day contract.

"Whatever’s necessary, really," he said. "All three point guards will have to play significant minutes. (Mario Chalmers) will have to play at the two."

Through it all, Wade and his teammates know that a positive attitude will help deal with what has been a disappointing season so far. But the reality of what they’re facing has everyone on the edge.

"It’s not an ideal situation for none of us," he said. "I know our fans are very frustrated. I just want them to know that no one is more frustrated than we are."

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