Chris Bosh back for more ‘Justice’ in Funny or Die video

Miami Heat star Chris Bosh took another stab at acting in a new Funny Or Die video titled "Tall Justice 2" released Thursday.

Bosh reprised his role as mild-mannered meter maid Chris Justice in the trailer-style sequel to the original 2010 short video.

In the sequel, Justice just lost his partner and is having a hard time coping — a sly nod to Bosh’s real-life work situation. "Is this still about your partner?" asks a fellow cop who pleads with him to rejoin the force. "You talk about him like he’s dead. He just got transferred to Cleveland."

"Is that any better?" Justice screams back.

We then see the hero unraveling a sinister plot involving corruption during the two-and-a-half minute clip.

There’s plenty of potential as far as his acting skills go. But Bosh still shouldn’t quit his day job. 

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