Miami club picks up Champagne tab for partying Heat players

It is good to be the kings.

The Heat — the closest thing South Beach has to royalty — not only pulled off an incredible second consecutive NBA title, but they also got to celebrate in style — and on the house.

According to an ESPN report, the Champagne bill was comped for the Heat players who reveled in their championship glory at Story Nightclub after their victory in Game 7 on Thursday night.

David Grutman, the owner of the club, told ESPN that he didn’t have plans to charge the Heat players for the $100,000 value of Champagne they ordered.

How, exactly, do you ring up a $100,000 tab on Champagne? Well, 100 bottles of Dom Perignon (at $850 a pop) and three of the big 3-liter bottles (which cost a cool $5,000) will do the trick.

The price of fame sure becomes a bit more tolerable when someone else is picking up the tab.