Jaxson De Ville loses bet, dons itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny …

The Jaguars were only a four-touchdown underdog to the Broncos on Sunday, but that of course didn’t mean that Jaxson De Ville would back down from his bet with Broncos mascot, Miles.

Maybe Jaxson De Ville, the Jaguars’ mascot, should have asked for a few points. Denver won 35-19 but at least covered the biggest point spread in NFL history.

Still, a bet is a bet. Jaxson De Ville and Miles bet that the loser would have to wear a pink bathing suit (in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month), pay $1,000 toward a charity for breast cancer awareness and hold a sign declaring how good the winning mascot is.

And Jaxson De Ville paid off late Monday night. But we’re not sure why the poor beagle had to be subjected to the photo.

Jaxson De Ville has obviously lost a few bets on his Jaguars (0-6) this season. There was the time he danced in a thong. And then another when he was inundated with paintballs.

The Jaguars play the Chargers on Sunday. We can only wait — will the Jags break the losing streak? Or will Jaxson De Ville have to pay off another bet?