‘Inside the Heat: Goran Dragic’ premieres Nov. 12 on FOX Sports Sun

MIAMI (Nov. 11 , 2016) — Tune in Saturday night on FOX Sports Sun, the regional television home of the Miami Heat, as we get set to premiere an all-new episode of "Inside the Heat" at 11 p.m. statewide. "Inside the Heat: Goran Dragic" invites Heat fans to join Miami’s point guard as he visits his hometown of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The episode begins with Goran showing viewers around the city he grew up in, highlighted by a guided tour of the apartment he grew up in with his family, his middle school and an all-access look at the sleep away camp he hosts every summer. Throughout the episode, he reflects upon his childhood, which included playing soccer and basketball with his friends and brother in his neighborhood, as well as when he began his first organized game of basketball. It wasn’t long before he joined a professional basketball club team where he faced daily competition from Slovenia’s best. Goran then takes us inside his seven-day sleep away camp held in the mountains of Slovenia, where he spent every day mentoring young kids about more than just the game of basketball. Finally, the Miami Heat fan favorite shares the pride he feels while playing every summer for the Slovenian national team and how that has taught him lessons that have carried over to his NBA game

"Inside the Heat" is presented all-season long by Palmetto57 Nissan and Palmetto57 Volkswagen. Join host Eric Reid on FOX Sports Sun and FOX Sports GO as we debut "Inside the Heat: Goran Dragic," and be sure to follow @FOXSportsHeat on Twitter and visit FOXSportsFlorida.com for channel listings and exclusive Heat video coverage.

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