In post-LeBron era, Heat have options aplenty to retool roster

It took what seemed like forever, with enough social media chatter and supposed sources saying this and that to melt the brain of even the most Twitter-savvy, but "The Decision Part Deux" is finally over: LeBron James is heading home to Cleveland after four great years and two titles in Miami.

So, we know where King James is going, but the question now is: Where do the Heat go from here?

Heading into Friday, the only player currently under contract was Norris Cole, with Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger supposedly on the way after verbally agreeing to sign earlier this week. Not exactly the Big Three, right?

Reports earlier this week suggested Bosh was definitely leaving if LeBron did the same, but it appears Pat Riley was able to use his magic to persuade him to stick around.

The reported signing of Bosh gives them a better clue as to how much cap space they are working with, a number that would become even more concrete if Wade returns for a longer, back-loaded deal with late team options and the promise of a front office spot when he retires.

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Anthony might be the only elite guy left out there on the open market, but there are other capable contributors who could keep the Heat competitive, at least in the East.

Phil Jackson won’t want to be upstaged by Riley and will do everything he can to keep Anthony in the Big Apple. However, if somehow Bosh ends up staying in Miami, you have to think Anthony will at least consider moving south.

If that falls through, then an attempt for Suns guard Eric Bledsoe could be a move, as the Heat have missed having a scoring-capable point guard for a number of years. He is a restricted free agent, however, so over-paying would likely be in the plans. Good thing is, there are plenty of dollars to do that.

You also have big men in Greg Monroe and Pau Gasol, who both bring immediate offense to the table. Does Riley go with youth, or the veteran Spaniard in this situation? Or maybe both?

And then there are the likes of Luol Deng, a defensive stud with a few good years still left in his legs, and Lance Stephenson, who brings mental baggage but also a ton of talent to go with it.

Take two or three of those guys and surround them with some capable role players, and you certainly have a roster that many teams would be jealous of, even if it wouldn’t likely be enough to get past a number of squads in the West.

Whatever happens, you know Riley will do everything in his power to keep his squad respectable, even though some of the bigger free agents are already off the market and the prices demanded for even mid-level guys have been exorbitant.