VIDEO: Hurricanes get surprise with DJ, strobe lights during morning practice

There are 67 days until the University of Miami football program opens its season in Louisville against the Cardinals.

The Hurricanes released a hype video Wednesday as coaches surprised players with a DJ and strobe lights for a 5:30 a.m. workout.

What else motivates guys on a summer day for #RISEandGRIND than the music of Young Jeezy and 2 Chainz?

Senior linebacker Denzel Perryman led the team into the weight room where a sign reading "U champions are made here" welcomes each student-athlete.

A dance-off broke out. Players fist pumped in between lifting.

The second half of the video transitioned to the theme of renewal.

Highlights ranged from sophomore wide receiver Stacy Coley’s touchdowns to Perryman’s hard hits. The Hurricanes personify the "Miami Made" way, one that respects the past of five national titles and represents the future.

Not only does the video offer glimpses of the new Schwartz Center for Athletic Excellence but also a few of the national title crystal ball trophies.

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