Gus Bradley cancels practice as Jaguars hit up bowling alley

Gus Bradley says the reason for canceling practice Friday was because the Jaguars have shown marked impovement the past three weeks.

Phil Sears/Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars had perhaps the best kind of practice Friday: none.

In a move that likely engendered a lot of goodwill from his team, head coach Gus Bradley called off the team’s practice Friday afternoon — the final of 10 scheduled OTA practices — in favor of a team outing at Latitude 30, a bowling alley/restaurant in the city.

What prompted the reprieve? The team had been performing well during their on-field sessions the past three weeks.

"They were pretty excited," Bradley told "We’ve had really good practices. We wanted to make sure we have a good minicamp coming up, and it gave us a chance to talk to them about what we expect next week and how we’re going to go about doing this. It’s a nice little break for them."

The Jaguars will return to the field Tuesday to begin their three-day minicamp.