Former Heat coach says Jason Kidd’s spill was nothing new

At least one former NBA coach says Brooklyn’s Jason Kidd was not the first person to get a play stoppage after spilling a drink on the court.

Kevin Loughery told the New York Daily News he used the tactic several times during his 20-year coaching career, including in his third season with the Miami Heat in 1993-94.

“There are different ways you can do it,” Loughery told the Daily News from his Virginia home. “You can have the players spill it. You can have one of the ball boys do it.

“They can’t fine the ball boys, I don’t think.”

Kidd was fined $50,000 after apparently telling Nets reserve Tyshawn Taylor to “hit me” with 8.3 seconds left Wednesday against the Los Angeles Lakers, causing the coach to spill his drink.

The Nets had time to strategize while the floor was cleaned, but they still lost 99-94.

Loughery, 73, said he used the trick several times during his coaching career in the NBA and ABA. He added the last time he used it, thanks to a ball boy, was during the 1994 playoffs.

” ‘Just pour some water on the floor,’ ” Loughery said he would tell the ball boy. “He really had no idea what I was talking about until he sees the results.”

The former Sixers/Nets/Hawks/Bulls/Bullets/Heat coach said he was surprised at the amount Kidd was fined by the NBA.

“I know guys are making way more money now, but that’s an outrageous fine for that,” Loughery told the Daily News. “I guess the league doesn’t want any more of it. … I can’t believe they would fine a guy $50,000 for that.”

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