Ex-Dolphin Mark Duper arrested in Jacksonville

Former Miami Dolphins wide receiver Mark Duper was arrested in Jacksonville on Wednesday and charged with child abuse after a reported fight with his 17-year-old son on Tuesday night.
According to the arrest report, Duper allegedly punched, body slammed and choked the teen during the fight, which took place at Duper’s home. 
Hugh Green, another former Dolphins player who was visiting the house with his children, told The Florida Times-Union the disagreement started after Duper learned his son had sent a threatening text to his girlfriend.
The argument escalated into several scuffles that took place inside and outside the home. According the police report, Green eventually intervened to break up the fight that left the teen with cuts on his face and arms. The boy also reportedly lost consciousness a couple of times.
Green, though, defended Duper’s actions.
“Mark had scratched-up knees and cuts and all kind of stuff,” Green told The Florida Times-Union. “There were no punches passed. It was more wrestling as Mark defended himself.
“… What is happening to Mark shouldn’t be happening. He was a father trying to defend himself from a son who thinks he can beat him.”
Duper played from the Dolphins from 1982-1992, catching 511 passes for 8,869 yards and 59 touchdowns. He was inducted into the Dolphins Honor Roll in 2003.
In 1996, Duper was acquitted on charges of buying cocaine with intent to sell.