Dwyane Wade officially releases ‘Journey to 3’ doc

There’s a stunningly vulnerable moment during Dwyane Wade’s “Journey to 3” film that puts into perspective how much NBA stars’ bodies go through over the course of the season to achieve greatness.

Following a high-intensity workout at a local gym, Wade and LeBron James lay motionless on the floor dripping in sweat, trying to catch their breath. Game 1 of the NBA Finals is less than 24 hours away. 
“The road to a championship, man,” James pants. “Ain’t easy.”
Early on in the movie — which was officially released Monday on Wade’s web site — Wade explains why the number three is so meaningful to him — why a title in 2013 would stand out amongst the other two he had already won in 2006 and 2012. 
When he was younger, Wade leaned on faith to get him through hardships, and the number three represented the father, son and holy spirit.
“It’s just something that’s followed me throughout life,” Wade said.
Wade, one of the most beloved sports figures in South Florida history, wears a stylish City of Miami shirt during one of his main talking heads.
But the 31-year-old and eight-time All-Star soon learns he has to battle aching knees as well as doubters. In the end credits, one of his sons even jokingly calls out Charles Barkley.
“So, you know, he’s just a little rusty ’cause his knees right now,” he said.
As the film progresses, it chronicles many behind-the-scenes looks into Wade’s life — from footage of a massage/stretching treatment to playful banter with his sons. Wade even acknowledges that his role has changed since 2010, but “it’s about team success.” 
The rest, of course, is well documented. 
After beating the San Antonio Spurs in Game 7, fans both young and old enthusiastically chant Wade’s name as his double-decker bus navigates Downtown Miami during the championship parade.
Hoping to convey the surreal feeling of the situation, Wade offers perspective in an honest moment of clarity. 
“I’m like every young boy — I had a dream,” Wade said. “I know so many kids I’m playing for, so many people that I’m playing for. I was just the one that was lucky enough to make it.”
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