Bucs’ Darrelle Revis irked by Richard Sherman’s actions

Darrelle Revis says he still considers himself the best cornerback in the NFL.

Kim Klement/Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Count Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Darrelle Revis among those irked by the now-famous postgame interview from Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks.

Revis, who was widely considered the best cover corner in the NFL until the emergence of the two-time All-Pro Sherman, says the Seattle star’s speech took away from the accomplishments of the team.

"I didn’t think that was good on his part," Revis told the Tampa Bay Times. "If you listen to what the reporter asked him, it was nothing about him, it was about the team, and he put himself ahead of the team."

Sherman’s WWE-style promo calling out San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree has sparked widespread commentary, criticism and sharings of opinion leading up the Super Bowl between the Seahawks and Broncos, but Revis knows that Sherman’s mouth is part of his game.

"He talks," Revis told the Times. "He probably talks in his sleep. I thought he shouldn’t have said all that."

Though it should come as no surprise, Revis told the paper he still considers himself the best cornerback in the league.