Accuser of Jameis Winston blasts TPD’s investigation

The woman who alleges that Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston sexually assaulted her released a statement that said the Tallahassee Police Department has conducted a “questionable investigation” and also says that a detective warned her that her life could “be made miserable” if she pursued charges, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

An attorney for the family released the statement, which is the first time the accuser or the family has spoken publicly about the alleged sexual assault. The Times said the woman is a Tampa Bay resident and Florida State student.

Winston has not been arrested or charged but he was originally linked to the case by TMZ and the Times a week ago. The alleged sexual assault happened on Dec. 7, 2012, and the victim identified Winston in January as the suspect.

The family states that a TPD detective, Scott Angulo, refused to collect DNA or interview Winston’s roommate. The victim and family assert that Winston’s roommate witnessed the incident.

Among a number of questions in the family’s statement, they ask, “If Winston’s attorney was aware of the case in February 2013, why didn’t Detective Angulo collect DNA evidence, interview Winston, and conduct a proper investigation?”

A phone message to Winston’s attorney, Tim Jansen, by FOX Sports Florida was not returned.

Winston talked to the media at his normal Wednesday afternoon press conference, but Florida State sports information again directed reporters not to ask Winston any legal questions.

A redshirt freshman, Winston has been one of the top quarterbacks in college football this season. He has thrown for 2,938 yards and 28 touchdowns, leading No. 2 Florida State to a 10-0 start going into Saturday’s game at home against Idaho (1-9).

Winston is considered one of the top contenders for the Heisman Trophy. In a sample polling of five Heisman voters last week by FOX Sports Florida, none said they would leave Winston off their ballot or vote him lower based on his legal situation as it stands now.

“It’s about the hard work and dedication that you put in on and off the field,” Winston said Wednesday. “Me and my team, we have had a very successful year. The Heisman is such a great honor for me to even be mentioned. I don’t want to lose any voters or anything like that.”