A little sunburn won’t keep Panthers off ice

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. — Erik Gudbranson and Shawn Matthias have a friendly reminder for fellow NHLers visiting South Florida: wear your sunblock.
A day after rumors swirled suggesting Pittsburgh’s Evgeni Malkin missed Saturday night’s game after getting scorched in the Sunshine State, the Panthers duo had their own encounter with the sun. (The Penguins, by the way, denied Malkin missed the game due to sunburn, instead noting he sat out with an upper-body injury.)
Gudbranson shared a picture of he and his teammate enjoying an off day along the South Florida shore.

via Erik Gudbranson Instagram

“Hitting swells like Kenny Powers, good way to reset the mind! #lobsters,” read the caption to Gudbranson’s Instagram photo.
Unfortunately for Gudbranson and Matthias, the little sunscreen they did have washed off after hitting the waves for a couple hours.  
“People don’t realize how strong the sun is down here,” Matthias said.
While not quite as red as the Panthers’ jerseys, Gudbranson and Matthias displayed plenty of color at Monday’s practice, but did not miss a beat on the ice.
“We were laughing about it,” Gudbranson said. “Guys were flicking each other in the chest, giving each other little slaps. It’s more funny than anything. It’s not an injury by any means.”
“It burns a little bit, but once you get moving, it doesn’t bother you.”