Get in a League
First, decide what type of league you want to play in.

If you have a group of friends you'd like to play with, create a custom league with your desired settings and invite your friends to play. If you'd like to play with other FOX users, join a public league. If you want to play in a custom league with others, browse the custom leagues for the perfect fit. Or, wait for a buddy you know will be creating a private league to invite you to play.
Draft Your Team
Draft time is the best time of the year! Whether it's an old-school, offline draft held with your buddies (private leagues only), an automated draft based on your pre-draft rankings or a live, online draft, FOX Sports has you covered.

Our live draft app is incredibly easy to use and is loaded with powerful options. It's also quick and simple to load the results of your offline draft using either our draft app or a custom offline draft entry tool.
Set Your Weekly Lineup
Weekly matchups are the key to the season and we provide the ultimate in lineup flexibility. You can set your lineup several ways: drag-and-drop, point-and-click or using dropdown menus.

You can make decisions based on a variety of information including season or weekly statistics, projections, research data or by opponent.

Once you're set, you can view a preview of the week's matchup including position-by-position analysis.
Make Roster Moves
Depending on your league, transactions may play a huge role. Sign free-agents, make waiver claims or pull off a trade or two. Whatever it takes to improve your club.

FOX Sports provides a variety of player tools and research data to help you make astute moves to blow past your friends in the standings.

Deadly accurate fantasy predictions from accompany a wide set of player statistics and trend information.
View Live Scoring
Once it's game time, you can track each matchup's results with our robust live scoring system. Every player, every play in a blazingly fast and easy-to-digest environment.
Check the Standings
Standings are updated each week, so it's important to see where you stand so you can talk some smack or explain away your most recent defeat.
Reach the Playoffs
Once the regular season concludes, it's playoff time! View your matchup and hope it's "your week" for fantasy success. The league championship is within reach!
Set Keepers for Next Year
After the season concludes, it's time to think about next year including which players you will protect for the next season (if your private league allows keepers). Then again, you should have been thinking about keepers well before now!

It's easy to re-activate your season once next year rolls around.