What are accolades? How and when are they awarded?
Accolades are awards a team owner can earn during the fantasy football season. There are three types of accolades: 1-time events, weekly events and season events. 1-time event accolades are awarded the moment the action takes place. Weekly event accolades are awarded the same day as official scoring is completed for the week. Season accolades are awarded after the final week of the league is scored.

Some accolades are awarded to all team owners at the same time (i.e. first team win) whereas others are awarded per team owner (first chat message).

Each accolade has a different point value - the more difficult, the higher point value. You can view accolades in a variety of ways. Each tab on the Accolades page presents the data in a unique way.
Last Updated: 9/13/2012