Playoff Settings

How do the playoffs work?
For public leagues, playoffs begin in Week 14 and last three rounds with six teams making the cut and the other four teams making the consolation bracket. For private leagues, it is up to the commissioner and there are several variations.

Private leagues have the option to use playoff systems ranging from two to eight teams, and have flexibility in choosing the playoff start week (dependent on the playoff system used):
  • 2-Team Playoff: 1 Week
  • 4-Team Playoff: 2 Weeks
  • 6-Team Playoff: 3 Weeks (Top two teams receive byes)
  • 8-Team Playoff: 3 Weeks (No byes)
If your league uses two divisions, the top teams from each division would be seed #1 and #2 (and would receive first round byes if the league uses a 6-team bracket). If the Division Parity setting is selected, then an equal number of playoff teams will come from each division.

After each week of the playoffs, the losing teams will be matched up to decide additional finishes within the league (i.e. who comes in third place in a 4-team playoff system).

In each case, the league's consolation bracket (sometimes referred to as a Loser's Bracket) will include as many teams as possible but will never exceed 8 teams.

Please refer to your league's specific rules for all standings tiebreaker information.

Additionally, your private league may choose not to have any playoffs. The winner will be the team with the best record once the season has concluded with the commissioner specifying what week should be the final week of the season.
Last Updated: 9/13/2012