League Settings

What does "Use Keepers from Last Season" mean?
If the league wants to protect up to a certain number of players from the previous season, "Use Keepers from Last Season" should be checked. If used, the "Max Number of Keepers from Last Season" setting shoud indicate the maximum number of players that may be kept or protected.

When a player is protected, the player is maintained on a team's roster from one season to the next. For instance, if a league uses 16-man rosters and each team protects 2 players, then each team will only draft 14 more players.

If it is a non-reactivated league, the commissioner is responsible for gathering and assigning all keepers for the league.

If it is a reactivated league, the commissioner may also specify a "Keeper Deadline". Under this scenario, each team owner may set his/her own keepers in the game by this deadline date.

Reactivated leagues may also indicate whether the protected players should be "grandfathered" in at their previous season's draft slot. If this option is active, then, for instance, a protected player drafted in round 4 of the previous season will be kept in the 4th round slot of this season's draft. If this option is not active, then all protected players will occupy the first X rounds of the draft. Players acquired the previous season via waivers or trade or free-agent acquisition will assume the last possible draft slots. Prior to the start of the draft, the commissioner may always manually adjust any keepers and/or keeper draft slots.
Last Updated: 7/23/2012