FOX Football SurvivorFOX Football Survivor


If you are new to Survivor this is the place to be!

1 Pick A Winner

Each week of the NFL season it’s up to you to pick one winning team. Sounds easy enough right? Only one thing, once you’ve picked an NFL team you can’t pick that team again the rest of the season, so be careful with your picks!

2 Build A Streak

Pick a winning team and you’ve survived another week! Track your progress against the competition from the Contest and Group Leaderboards.

3 Win Prizes

Survive the regular season by going 17-0 and you’ll move onto the playoffs with a chance at the Grand Prize! Had a slip up, or three? That’s ok, FOX Survivor Football lets you compete for prizes with up to three losses.

Play On Any Device!

Play FOX Survivor Football on you phone, tablet or desktop! Make a last minute pick or check your standings on the go!

Play On Any Device!