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Aug 31, 10:03pm
Game time
Dec 11, 12:37am
and well in the tiebreaker i picked the winner as i had point totals reversed had 40 for army 20 for navy, oops oh well good job army ending your 14 year drought, and we know most of these young men will be fighting on a bigger field
Dec 5, 9:58pm
Go Army
Dec 5, 9:58pm
Last game navy is good under dog Army Navyqb out r.b out!
Dec 5, 5:51pm
again so great that fox sports is doing this one game
Dec 3, 5:05pm
next week one game army navy
Nov 26, 10:42pm
wow buck real
Nov 26, 1:46am
Thank you Nebraska!!
Nov 22, 2:06pm
I who still blows
Nov 18, 9:29am
Usc will show up again beating Ucla Good game from sunny Ca.
Nov 17, 9:41pm
Bama is going to win out
Nov 5, 8:04pm
Go dawgd
Oct 31, 4:52pm
yeah who would've thought in spread games sc is a 16 point favorite over the once mighty ducks
Oct 30, 1:12pm
Go Canes!
Oct 29, 11:06pm
Oct 26, 6:49pm
Oct 26, 3:09pm
The Tigers will be having med. Rare elephant steaks for dinner Robert L
Oct 22, 7:21pm
still have not played their best game yet... roll tide
Oct 19, 11:54pm
Oct 19, 1:18pm
Go Big Red run the table and beat them all
Oct 15, 5:06pm
and it looks like flordia lsu will be scored retroactively, so even though it's played on nov 19th, they will still score it as a week 6 game
Oct 15, 10:48am
Oct 9, 11:26am
Let the best game wins
Oct 8, 10:53pm
ok i think i gave oregon a little too much love and underestimated the huskies who look like the team to beat in the pac-12
Oct 8, 7:16pm
ok i think by sending them an e-mail fixed the problem
Oct 8, 4:28pm
ok what's going on
Oct 8, 2:01pm
anyone else right now have your noon et games able to pick
Oct 7, 12:07am
also be aware that georgia sc is now a 2:30 et sunday kick because of matthew
Oct 6, 7:29pm
and the answer is no and it's the first i've played where it won't be 55 as they do have it in there rules if a game is not played it won't be scored so it's going to be the first time ever and i think they've done the game for 13 years or so that in confidence the highest will be 54
Oct 6, 5:39pm
well at least on this site i know as i went to espn it still has the game listed in there picks and i wonder if it will be retroactively scored
Oct 5, 7:09pm
Hope Miami pulls out the win. Love seeing FSU losing especially since I'm a Gator fan.
Oct 5, 5:35pm
to bad bad wisconsin is not playing
Oct 3, 3:22pm
boy and i thought in pick em games that never would i think that i would actually pick against the ducks but i think there time has come and gone
Sep 30, 6:08am
Go Houston coogs!!!
Sep 28, 10:50pm
Holy PAC12 picks this week
Sep 25, 11:17pm
Wassup guys
Sep 25, 4:59pm
Duke win over Norte Dame wow shock!,,,,
Sep 25, 4:58pm
Was surprise on Wisc. A win over Mich.St. they played lousy first couple weeks Looked out Wisc. Nebr be ready for you.
Sep 24, 2:31pm
Was I wrong with south Florida. Good job jumbo. Got your boys fired up. It's the first time I've heard a coach tell his team to score every time instead of being conservative with a lead. About time. Can't stand the watY coaches coach after a lead. SCORE every time.
Sep 24, 2:31am
Hawkeye's Big Ten Champ's !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 21, 12:06am
Watch out for south Florida. Florida st is done!!!! The Cards took everything out of FSU. Did you see the players just standing around. They are done. Great money line bet
Sep 19, 10:26am
turn up time to bet every one
Sep 18, 12:26pm
Arkasas Pride!!!!!!!!!
Sep 18, 8:45am
So the Irish fail again Time to wreck the season for every body else??
Sep 17, 11:41pm
boy houston will really need help now but they do have louisville later, so they got to count on louisville more then the sooners who are getting curbstomped
Sep 17, 9:21pm
Roll Tide
Sep 17, 6:29pm
and if you want a game to tide you over before osu ou, msu at nd, as osu ou, tenative kickoff time 9:00 pm et because of thunderstorms in norman delays kickoff
Sep 15, 5:34pm
and maybe not and if that's the case then they have the old format back with featured games as it varied from week to week, which i why i liked fox sports and also yahoo, as unlike cbs sportsline and espn where it was 10 and 15, the ammount of games varied week to week and also you had to check back as well, as usually they added an extra game
Sep 14, 3:53pm
francis i like your optimism on nebraska, but even as a bug eater fan i can't share the same optimism, as these last few years they lost games they should've easily won, and there the favorite in this game, but i don't buy it
Sep 14, 2:10am
also i would keep checking back as right now they only have 13 and they will likely add 2 more before saturday
Sep 13, 8:41pm
This week is tough Ore.vsNe feel that Ne will sneak by the ducks OhioSt Oklahoma both teams has great offense and defense. But Buckeyes should take 14 pts

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