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"The Numb Nuts"
Owner: bruce m
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Type: Public
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c'mon you know who you are"

Group Messages

Mar 8, 6:15pm
Thak you bruce m. (meangene)
Dec 5, 10:27am
Congrad goes out to Blodgett Canyon,see you all next year!!I have The Numb Nuts in Bowl pick-em,come join!!!
Oct 16, 11:24am
For the rest of this year I'm testing a new group here in Foxsports college football..... It's called 'Magilla Gorilla kicks your keister!'...... It uses confidence points but not odds....... Only games with an opening line less than 8 are included... This will toss out the easier games and focus on true tests of your picking skill... Everyone is welcome to join this public group, it's just for fun. Cheers, Dave (Quilpie Stampede)
Sep 18, 10:20am
Good morning
Sep 18, 6:13am
Chuck's not messing 'round.
Sep 17, 12:47pm
"Roll Tide. Roll."
Sep 11, 8:22pm
hey I'm new
Sep 2, 3:34am
Go Horns atx
Sep 1, 6:25pm
The big elephant in the room is ready to roll tide!
Sep 1, 7:05am
Aug 30, 3:08pm
Great turnout,LOL everyone!!!
Aug 30, 11:43am
Ready for Kickoff!
Aug 28, 8:00pm
Aug 23, 5:27pm
1st year tks
Aug 21, 2:59pm
Thanks for having me back Bruce, good luck everyone and go Sooners
Aug 13, 5:23am
that time of year good to see ya Bruce glad to to back, good luck all,lets go nuts.
Aug 11, 3:44pm
Thanks Bruce, for coordinating both College & PRO.
Aug 7, 4:35pm
Glad to be here.
Aug 4, 11:58pm
Im here.
Jul 20, 6:28am
Jul 15, 10:53am
EVERYONE,take a look at Magilla Gorilla 87 games confidence!
Jul 14, 7:41pm
hey bruce come join the nfl surviver packer-nation group.
Jul 14, 7:39pm
im here too
Jul 14, 3:22pm
OK Bruce honors to you pal--your first college picks Ive joined!!! Thanks for invite and is good have you for the maniacs.
Jun 27, 9:58am
Ihave a group in Pro pickem THE NUMB NUTS COME JOIN!!!

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