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Nov 27, 10:12am
Hose job is putting it 2 nice we have 2 beat ohio st. and the officials 2 un frickin real
Nov 26, 4:05pm
What a complete hose job.
Nov 26, 12:53pm
Officials must be from Columbus.
Nov 24, 10:24am
Badgers bowl champion series bound!!!!!!!!
Nov 16, 1:52pm
let's go PSU
Nov 10, 3:23pm
W-I-S-C-O-N-S-I-N all the way BOI
Nov 9, 12:31pm
Nov 5, 11:51pm
go Ohio state beat Michigan to go to playoffs and beat Alabama
Nov 2, 11:22am
Go blue and yellow can't wait for Michigan to play Ohio state
Oct 31, 12:06am
my favorite team is the Wisconsin badgers
Oct 27, 12:20pm
Go Blue!
Oct 27, 9:06am
go blue
Oct 26, 12:20pm
i am also from maryland so i like the terps they are my favorite big ten team and i hate ohio state and nebraska
Oct 26, 12:18pm
my favorite team is the notre dame fighting irish
Oct 19, 3:31pm
go mizzou tigers
Oct 19, 2:11pm
Michigan state fan, but wow my home town team go Broncos of Western Michigan.
Oct 18, 1:47pm
Oct 17, 11:59pm
My favorite big ten team is the Michigan Wolverines
Oct 17, 5:44pm
big rivalry big 10 between Ohio State vs Penn State
Oct 12, 8:42am
Go Blue
Oct 10, 1:00am
go iowa
Oct 8, 1:12pm
go Penn state!!
Sep 27, 1:13pm
Sep 25, 11:14am
Sparty and Irish wayyyy overrated!!! GO BLUE !!!!!!
Sep 24, 2:55pm
Go Big Red!!!!!!!!
Sep 22, 10:12pm
Norte dame
Sep 22, 10:12pm
Ohiooooooooooo stateeeeeeeeeee
Sep 22, 10:11pm
Ohiooooooooooo stateeeeeeeeeee
Sep 22, 10:10pm
Oh Io
Sep 18, 2:51pm
Thanks Ohio st fans go bucks
Sep 18, 2:50pm
Ohio let's go bucks
Sep 17, 9:27pm
Husker power!
Sep 15, 11:44am
go badgers
Sep 11, 8:14am
Sep 9, 3:56am
Ohio State all day guys.......hell yea
Sep 8, 7:24pm
Go Hawks....
Sep 8, 5:28pm
Sep 7, 6:28pm
OHIO baby go BUCKS!!!!!!!!
Sep 7, 1:26am
Go Bucks!
Sep 6, 3:56pm
Go Hawks
Sep 6, 9:35am
born in Battle Creek love STATE and Big Blue biggest win this weekend was the Longhorns beating the xxxxing irish yea baby
Sep 5, 6:40pm
Rockin Da Big House Go Blue We,Gonna Kick Da Stuffing Out Of Da Spartans Did Year
Sep 5, 9:26am
Go Blue!
Sep 3, 11:12pm
I am a huge Spartan fan but I give mad props to the badgers well done
Sep 3, 10:57pm
Go green go white!!!!
Sep 3, 10:09am
Go Blue!!
Sep 2, 10:47pm
Sep 2, 4:24pm
Wolverines or Bust!
Sep 1, 6:24pm
Aug 31, 12:58pm
See ya in Indianapolis east division chump oh champ GOOO HAWKEYES!!!!!
Aug 31, 11:32am
Go Badgers

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