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Jan 10, 9:45pm
Hey Spencer what do I need to do to claim the recliner and giftcard? Thanks
Jan 5, 9:00am
Hey Hubby I just went in through "my picks" by clicking on the menue drop down box in the top right hand counter and it let me select the winner and score. If that's doesn't work. Are you logging out of your account when your done each day? If not try logging out then back in again. Also try a different device. So if your using your phone try a desk top or laptop. Let me know if any of this helps.
Jan 5, 8:52am
I can't make my pick on the final bowl game between Alabama and Clemson. What's up with that?
Dec 15, 3:52pm
Go Huskies, beat Bama! National champs? It will be tough to do! Good Luck !
Dec 14, 9:35am
Good luck
Dec 9, 1:11pm
Let finish with most bowl picks winners of the Public Gruop