FOX Bracket Challenge Game for March Madness Tournament

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Owner: Sean Hannity
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Play against members of the FOX News team.

Group Messages

Apr 2, 4:40am
at least ..thechief19671967..... a Fox Sports hat and a "I worship Obama" bumper sticker? I am sure Sean has those around the office!!! and good to hear you on the Bill Cunningham show on WLW !!!
Mar 30, 8:52pm
Hi, Sean. Shoulda gone with the sheepsheads over Zona. BUT you're ahead of me and, well, kudos for that.
Mar 23, 2:52am
Such an entertaining time of year !... thanks for making it public Sean. The "300" bent but didn't break against Harvard.....Spartans Will
Mar 22, 10:29pm
My mom listens to you every day in the car and absolutely loves you and your views.
Mar 22, 10:48am
My mothers pick's.... it's her 1st bracket ever.... and she is 90 yrs. old. :)
Mar 21, 10:28pm
Duke is making a habit of the early NCAA choke. Way to go Mercer!
Mar 21, 9:58pm
No comments on the biggest Upset with Mercer?
Mar 21, 5:07pm
Spartans pillage the Blue Hen house!
Mar 21, 4:48pm
Although nobody in the group will have a perfect bracket, S. Hannity, are we going to have anything (recognition at the least) to be in the top 10 with our bracket picks? Like a phone call or an email? A gift card or in my opinion, BE A GUEST ON THE SHOW!!!!!! YEAHAAA
Mar 21, 4:31pm
What an upset with MERCER....
Mar 20, 11:49am
Mar 20, 11:44am
Hey Sean- Bring the luck of the Irish to March Madness- !
Mar 20, 10:54am
Let the Madness begin!
Mar 20, 9:54am
'Murica & Providence in sweet 16! #Merica #LivefromAfghanistan #thanksforthemillion #mammaimcominghome
Mar 20, 8:07am
You are a Great American!
Mar 19, 11:19pm
Not a bad looking bracket Mr. Hannity, good luck!!!
Mar 19, 1:15pm
Let's see how good the FOX Newsboys are at college hoops......
Mar 19, 12:30pm
Right on Sean
Mar 19, 10:43am
All I know about basketball is...Go Gators! Will have to see how long my totally random picks hold out. :)
Mar 19, 10:23am
perfect brackets are super rare are they not?
Mar 19, 2:09am
another year another bracket busted

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