FOX Bracket Challenge Game for March Madness Tournament

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Group Messages

Mar 30, 3:35am
Scott: JT's bracket, or what's left of it, is at the Celebrity link.
Mar 28, 3:19am
On WINSconsin!!!
Mar 27, 3:08pm
Wow! I'm surprised that I'm still prize eligible
Mar 26, 12:33pm
Looks like the "Prize Eligible" designation went away :-/
Mar 25, 11:50pm
hey I thought there were prizes round by round in this group
Mar 21, 4:35pm
Lost an Elite 8, yet bracket still intact.
Mar 21, 3:56pm
my day was made today !!!! yes I am a Duke hater !!!
Mar 21, 10:07am
I had Dayton and SDSU. The 2 I got wrong were Harvard, and Texas. Where are JT, and Looney's brackets?
Mar 21, 2:59am
looks like not many picked dayton, and 2 guys already in trouble shep and sean, each lost a sweet 16 team, shep had nmsu, sean ou
Mar 21, 1:07am
Prize: JT allows a caller to ask a question! And have no opinion!
Mar 21, 1:05am
Glad to see a Falcons fan in the brick house!
Mar 20, 3:59pm
I Don't care that Ohio St lost. I'm in jt the bricks group that's all that matters, yeah!
Mar 20, 3:31pm
So who picked Dayton???
Mar 20, 11:23am
anyone know what the prizes are?
Mar 20, 10:07am
Hey JT Brickhouse!! I saw your name and it reminded me of when I use to call your show on Friday nights from Little Rock, Arkansas!! Man, that was years back!! Haller back Dude!! Let me know what you're up to!! Late..........
Mar 20, 2:54am
Good luck everyone ))))))
Mar 19, 11:44pm
Can't see it either. I think there could be 10-12 teams that could win it, depending on the officiating and some other stuff going down.
Mar 19, 1:03pm
Upset city! This years bracket can go either way. Hard to imagine a billionaire bracket this year.
Mar 19, 12:32pm
I've got blisters on my fingers!!! (From filling out the brackets of course.)
Mar 19, 10:05am
Mar 18, 5:05pm

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