FOX Bracket Challenge Game for March Madness Tournament

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Fans of Star Wars
Owner: Master Yoda
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Play with Master Yoda and other Star Wars fans

Group Messages

Mar 19, 10:17am
The bracket win I will
Mar 18, 12:55pm
Win my bracket will.
Mar 16, 11:55pm
I have Creighton going to the final 4 ove az and Wisconsin :/
Mar 16, 9:06pm
What Happens if a #1 seed gets knocked off early? If anybody, it would be Virginia...
Mar 16, 7:59pm
I want in. I am a team player, or am i at the wrong site.!
Mar 16, 7:58pm
c'mon, this a group activity, right?
Mar 16, 7:58pm
lets get serious here.
Mar 16, 7:57pm
Yoda Predicts that I will win...
Mar 16, 7:57pm
anyone home! lol, really.
Mar 16, 7:53pm
lets get ready!, who thinks what and who will win
Mar 16, 3:53pm
we have to pay for this game?
Mar 15, 7:30pm
Hmmm! Strong, the force is...

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