Using eBay to project future fantasy baseball studs

Could eBay sales help forecast future fantasy baseball prospects?

Over the last six months, I’ve researched and reported on the rapid evolution of the trading card industry.  That included a pack of premium basketball cards that rose to over $2,000 per pack and a five-figure Yasiel Puig autographed baseball card.

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As fantasy baseball draft season heats up over the next two weeks, owners in keeper and dynasty leagues will be looking for any edge when scouting and selecting minor league prospects.  If you are an owner who thinks outside the box when it comes to draft strategy and draft strategy analysis, I think I have a unique source of information: eBay.

The online auction site is a treasure trove of data pointing to which minor league prospects card collectors (see: investors / prospectors) are buying.  Do these financial trends translate directly to future fantasy baseball success?  Well, perhaps not solely on dollar signs attached to a player’s name after an auction ends.  However, if you combine information from one of my favorite websites, MLB Pipeline, with completed prospect sales on eBay, it can give you a different perspective when planning your dynasty and keeper league strategies.

Using MLB Pipeline’s 2014 prospects watch by position, a quick spin around the horn generate these eBay returns:

Check out d’Arnaud’s eBay Sold Listings (sorted by most recent).

Check out Singleton’s eBay Sold Listings (sorted by most recent).

Check out Wong’s eBay Sold Listings (sorted by most recent).

If you need more proof how high this prospect’s ceiling is, check out Baez’s eBay Sold Listings (sorted by most recent).

Oh yeah, and Buxton’s eBay Sold Listings are on the rise for a second time.

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