Min/Max Rules

Why am I no longer receiving stats for a certain position or for my pitchers?
If your Rotisserie or Total Points league includes a maximum for games played by position or innings pitched, you will no longer earn points if your team reaches that threshold. For instance, your league has a cap of 1400 innings pitched for your pitching staff. Once a day is scored and the innings pitched total goes over 1400, no future days will see an increase in pitching stats as the maximum has been reached.

You can track your team's stats versus the league maximum via the "Min/Max Rules" page available at the bottom left of your Team Roster page. If your team reaches the maximum, the corresponding position slot(s) will be displayed in red on your Team Roster page.

Although you will no longer receive stats that contribute to your team's active stats for the year, you will continue to see stats for players on certain pages to help you follow along with the season and the progress of your players. This includes:
  • GameTrax & BoxScore pages, although no points will go to your team total
  • Team Roster page, although no points will go to your team total
  • The Min/Max Rules page
Last Updated: 9/19/2012