Roster Management

How does the Disabled List work?
If a player is on the MLB Disabled List, he may be moved to an open DL slot on your Team page if your league uses a DL roster slot (see League Rules - Scoring tab). For instance, if your league has 2 DL slots, you may have up to 2 players on the DL.

If the player is locked, you must move to the next lineup date in which the player is not locked. For a daily league, it'd be the next day. For a weekly league, it'd be the next week.

To move the DL-eligible player (player will have a DL icon next to his name), click the lineup anchor to the left of the player's name on the Team roster page. Available DL slots will then appear. You can either drag-and-drop the player to the DL slot or you may click the player anchor and then click on the open DL slot. If in classic roster mode, you can choose DL from the slot dropdown.

Remember, moving a player to a DL slot frees a roster spot that can be filled with another player. However, if the player in the DL slot is activated from the MLB disabled list (the DL icon will no longer appear next to the player's name), then you will be locked from making additional roster transactions until the player is removed from the DL slot.
Last Updated: 9/2/2011