How do waivers work?
The waiver process is in place to provide a fair mechanism for owners to acquire players not on any team's roster.

Multiple teams may place a claim on a player on waivers. When a waiver is processed, the team with the best waiver rank is awarded rights to the player. Waiver rank is based on reverse draft order in public leagues but may be customized in private leagues. Public leagues reset waiver rank daily. In private leagues, the league waiver rank may be updated after each claim with the team winning the claim being moved to the bottom of the list.

When a waiver is processed without the player moving to a new team, the player becomes a free-agent (FA) and can then be immediately added to a team. In private leagues, a commissioner may choose to always keep players on waivers.

For public leagues, all non-drafted players and new players to the system are placed on waivers. For private leagues, the commissioner may choose to move players to free-agency instead.

Players moving to waivers (after a drop, for instance) are placed on waivers for a specified period of time. For public leagues, it is at least 48 hours but may be more as the league always guarantees a full two days. Private leagues may adjust this waiver length. Waivers are processed over night.
Last Updated: 9/2/2011