League Settings

How to the Min/Max GP/IP Settings work?
Public rotisserie leagues enforce a maximum of 162 games played per hitter lineup slot and 1400 innings pitched per pitching staff but do not enforce any minimums. Private rotisserie leagues and total points leagues may customize these settings. These settings apply to the entire season.

For example, in a public rotisserie league each starting 1B slot may accumulate up to 162 games worth of statistics. Once the 1B slot reaches that limit, the slot cannot earn any more statistics for the fantasy team. All pitchers are considered one group and, in a public rotisserie league, have a maximum of 1400 innings. Once the threshold is reached, pitchers will not be able to contribute any more stats to the team beginning the next day.

For private leagues using a minimum games played or innings pitched rule, the rule will not be enforced until the end of the season when final standings are posted. Any team failing to meet the minimum for any slot will automatically fall behind all qualifying teams in the standings.

For private leagues using the "Any" slot, both the hitter and pitcher minimum and maximum rules apply.

Public Head-to-Head leagues use a minimum of 7 innings pitched per week. This means a team's pitching staff must total at least 7 innings pitched for the week or else they forfeit all pitching categories. Private leagues may adjust these settings but they work the same way. If a hitter minimum is defined and a slot fails to reach the minimum for the week, the team forfeits all hitting categories.

Users will be presented with warning/maxed out indicators on their Team Roster page and can always view the Min/Max Information page via the Team Roster page once the season begins.
Last Updated: 2/13/2012