What We Learned: DFS Lessons From May 25-29

Here's what Josh Donaldson's big day and a week of DFS play taught us. 

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

The FOX Sports Fantasy team takes part in a one-day fantasy baseball contest every weekday (except for Thursday) to see who comes out victorious, and to learn a few things in the process. Here are the lessons from this week’s action.

What We Learned…

In Lefty Mashers We Trust: On Monday, Nationals C Wilson Ramos tipped the scales with a solo shot. On Tuesday, Blue Jays 3B Josh Donaldson went absolutely off with a 48-point game on Draft Kings. Indians OF Ryan Raburn homered that day as well. The common trend? All three players absolutely hammer southpaws. I’ve mentioned this before, but seeing what lefties are taking the hill is literally the first thing I do when starting my research. Lean on your platoon plays.

Ace Up The Sleeve: Monday’s early slate lacked a legitimate ace, so Adam Meyer made what turned out to be a brilliant play by going with A’s starter Jesse Hahn, who notched a complete game shutout victory. Other than Clayton Kershaw, no starting pitcher used in our contest scored more points (36.25) than Hahn did against the Tigers. 

You Need Luck: Here’s an example. This week, I started Arizona Diamondbacks SS Nick Ahmed twice as a punt play to save up for my starting pitching. Ahmed was hitting around .200 with 1 HR this season. But guess what? Both times I started him, he went yard.  Complete, total, blind, stupid luck. You need it.

Matt Harvey Day: The nice thing about Draft Kings being a multi-pitcher site is that you can plug in the day’s biggest ace and still have room to target an option that not everyone will be in on. For Friday, Matt Harvey was 100% owned in our contest, and was his usual awesome self. If you’re going to get cute, do it with your second starter, not both.

Price Per Position: Via Draft Kings, here’s what the winning budgets from 5/22 – 5/28 averaged out to be. The average outfield cost is surprisingly high, as typically that’s where a lot of the good values tend to be.


P: $9,055

C: $3,074

1B: $3,952

2B: $3,323

3B: $3,782

SS: $3,177

OF: $4,683

Check Your Lineups And Also Maybe Your Alarm: Wednesday’s contest didn’t run because some lazy bum (me) on the West Coast didn’t check the schedule and slept through the start of the early slate. Fantasy analysts: they screw up just like the rest of us!

This Week’s Champ: I retained the belt with two wins, but with a major asterisk after Wednesday’s snafu. I averaged 143 points in a high-scoring week all the way around.

This Week’s Big Revelation: Lefty-Righty splits are absolutely critical. Make yourself a cheat sheet (or use ours) of players who have historically crushed lefties or righties, and don’t be afraid to pounce when their price drops too low. Whether it’s the bigger names (Troy Tulowitzki) or overlooked guys (Adam Lind), this is a quick way to identify values or preferred studs to build your roster around.