You just don’t see this…

By Steve Lyons

March 12, 2010
     I’ve been around the game of baseball all my life.

     I have a picture of myself swinging a bat at age 3.

     I’ve been involved in Pro baseball now for 29 years… so you’d think I’ve pretty much seen everything there is to see when it comes to watching games.

     Guess again. And throw it all out the window when you start watching Spring Training games!
     On Tuesday, the Dodgers lost 12-0 to the Rockies.  At one point they were behind 9-0 in the eighth inning…and with Rockies on 2nd and 3rd, the Dodger infield was playing in to cut off the run at the plate!?. I guess they figured that if they could just make it a two possession game, a touchdown and field goal could win it.
     I saw Matt Kemp try to throw a runner out at home from center field and because the ball slipped a little and the wind was blowing so hard, the ball ended up in the  Dodger duggout! Ever see that?
     On Wednesday,  the Dodgers and Diamondbacks played to a 4-4 tie. I was waiting for a hockey-style shoot out to decide who the winner was,  but it never came.

     The Dodgers scored half of their runs on plays that happened by players that actually hit out of order. We all noticed, but nobody seemed to care too much. I felt bad for the die hard fans that like to keep score,  because I know my score card was messed up for the rest of the game.
     Andre Ethier made the second out of the 3rd inning by popping up to left and then Kemp followed with another out.

     Then, in the bottom of the 4th, Ethier led off the inning…with a solo BOMB to right center for the Dodgers’  first run of the game.

     But what the heck was he doing hitting again?
     It seems that Don Mattingly–in his first managing gig ever, turned in a lineup card to the umpires that was a little different than the one that everybody else had. Kemp and Ethier were flip-flopped in the batting order and because of that,  had taken two at-bats out of order.

     When D-Backs manager A J Hinch finally noticed, he asked the umpires to go back to the “official’ line-up card–which was the one that they had.
     So Ethier leads off with the Home Run, Kemp later triples and scores and the Dodgers suddenly had life. Crazy. Never saw it before.

     Hinch wished he kept his mouth shut.
     Of course, that mistake made it so that I had no idea who was coming to plate to hit for the rest of the game. That problem was compounded by the fact that in Spring games  there are guys that play that you didn’t even know existed. I swear there was a guy who came up that didn’t even have a number, let alone a name on the uniform.
And that was just two games this week!
     Hang around. It gets better. Or worse.