Wolverines to have full spring game on April 4

It is eight days until the draft, and the Michigan Wolverines are on the clock.

The Michigan athletic department’s website announced Friday that Michigan will indeed have a full spring game game on April 4, instead of the scrimmage combined with position drills that has been the recent norm.

As late as last week, Jim Harbaugh said that he hadn’t decided how to handle his team’s first public exposure, but indicated that if a game would be held, it would include a full draft.

"We would do it just like you do on the playground — pick teams and go play," Harbaugh said. "If you are going to have a game, that’s how you do it."

While Brady Hoke usually stuck with a slightly amped-up practice in early April, Harbaugh has a history of making a big deal about the last day of spring practice. If he follows his tradition from Stanford, he will divide his coaching staff into two groups, and they will be the one making the draft picks on March 28.

To keep the intensity high, the winning team traditionally gets a reward at the training table. At Stanford, they ate steak and/or lobster while the losers ate hot dogs.