Will Lions trade up for Clemson’s Sammy Watkins?

Clemson receiver Sammy Watkins reacts after scoring a touchdown against Ohio State in the 2014 Orange Bowl.

Robert Mayer

The worst-kept secret when it comes to NFL Draft rumors is that the Detroit Lions are trying to trade up to get Clemson receiver Sammy Watkins.

Who knows how much truth there is to it considering all the lies and smokescreens that get tossed around as the draft approaches.

Watkins, however, apparently believes some team is going to make the move up to get him.

"I truly think a team going to jump up n grab me," Watkins tweeted. "Who it may be I know."

"All those teams in top 10 might draft me but I been thinking outside the box," he added in another tweet. "Interesting phone calls."

Watkins has made it clear that he would love to join an offense with Calvin Johnson. He even posted photos of himself in a Detroit jersey.

The Lions already added a receiver in free agency by signing Golden Tate, but there’s still speculation that they could be looking for another one early in the draft.

Watkins is widely considered the top player at his position because of his playmaking abilities, but that’s not even what stands out the most about him, according to some analysts.

Jon Gruden, a former NFL coach now working for ESPN, said that Watkins’ biggest attributes are "his sincerity and passion for the game."

The Lions currently have the No. 10 pick overall in the draft. How far they’d have to go up to land Watkins — and what the price of that would be — isn’t totally unclear.

 It could require getting up as high as No. 2, maybe top four, but probably no lower.

The San Francisco 49ers, who are also in the market for a receiver, reportedly have strong interest in Watkins, too, but they’d have to move all the up from the 30th pick overall.

The first round of the draft is in eight days — Thursday May 8 — from Radio City Music Hall in New York.