Will Jim Tressel come to Detroit?

Jim Tressel (right) served as a game day consultant for the Colts.

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After Jim Caldwell made a major blunder handling the clock as coach of the Indianapolis Colts during a playoff loss in 2010, he turned to embattled former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel the next season to help him with game-management decisions.

Tressel had the official title of "consultant," but a big part of his role was being on the head set on game days to make suggestions to Caldwell.

Could Tressel come to Detroit in a similar role under Caldwell?

Lions introduce Jim Caldwell

Don’t count it out. Lions president Tom Lewand, a Michigan grad, would be fine with such a move.

"If it helps us win, I’ll tattoo a Buckeye on my forehead," Lewand told reporters at Wednesday’s news conference at Ford Field to introduce Caldwell as Detroit’s coach.

Tressel, who was pushed out as Ohio State’s coach in 2011 after trying to cover up the tattoo scandal, has been working lately at the University of Akron as a vice-president for "student success."

There have been rumors in recent days that he might leave there to join the Lions.

Caldwell called Tressel "a great man," but added, "I think he’s very comfortable where he is right now."

Caldwell didn’t offer much information about his potential coaching staff, other than to say he’s working on putting it together and indicate that some official announcements should be coming soon.

Teryl Austin, a secondary coach for the Baltimore Ravens and a former Michigan assistant, appears to be a near-lock to become the Lions’ new defensive coordinator.